Indianola Cemetery

Zimmerman Cemetery


David H. Garner, Sr.


Indianola's "Old Town" Cemetery

"Cemetery on the Ridge"

"Indianola the "Dream City of the Gulf" is no more, but on a ridge on the mainland in Highland Cemetery lies the sacred dust of many of its inhabitants." Indianola Scrap Book

Located on the elevated ridge at Indianola Beach, this cemetery is one of three that served the port of Indianola during the 19th century. The oldest existing grave marker, that of James Chilton Allan, bears a date of 1851. Also buried here are some of Calhoun County's earliest settlers, who came in the first wave of German immigration to Texas in the 1840's. Many of the original tombstones, including that of Angelina Eberly (1860), heroine of the Texas Archives War, have disappeared over time because of storms and vandalisim.

 It can be easily seen why this location is also referred to as the
"Cemetery on the Ridge." The cemetery is located on Zimmerman Rd.
(to the left off Hwy. 316) across a small bayou from Indian Point.


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