The Indianola Cemetery is the main cemetery of three in this area and is located near the intersection of Powderhorn and Orleans St. There are over 80 marked graves. Some of the residents here were victims of disease, including yellow fever, and hurricanes that ravaged this coastal city in the 1800s. Many of the residents that perished in the hurricanes were not found and those that were, were buried in mass graves elsewhere.

"During the Civil War, Union troops occupied Indianola. 110 soldiers who died while at Indianola were buried there, then later exhumed after the war and buried in the Brownsville National Cemetery. In 1909, the Brownsville Cemetery was closed and the remains were relocated to Pineville, Arkansas. U.S. Soldiers that died in the Indianola/Matagorda Island area were likely victims of disease and natural causes." An exception would be a total of 23 members of the 69th Indiana Volunteer Infantry and 8th Indiana Infantry.

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* Indicates additional biographical information included.

CV - Confederate Veteran

-x Indicates marker missing.




E. Armstrong
G. Armstrong*
J. E. Armstrong
W. C, Ashworth.-x
C. Burbank* CV
Capt J. Mainland*
Baby Clement
L. Clement
M. Clement -x
S. Clement
A.W. Coffin
E. M. Coffin
L .M. Coffin
J. A. Collins* CV
Jos. Collins
Coutret Family*
H. Dahme* CV -x
E. A. Dale
Demonet * CV -x
Dibble, A.L.
Wm Dickerson -x
A. Franke -x
H. Fromme
M. Fromme
A. Furhmann
W. Grul* CV
V. Hall
V. Heyck
J. C. Hichens
J. H. Humphrey -x
B. Hunt
A. J. Iken
L. H. Jacobs
M. S. Jope*
C. Keller* CV
H. Kleineke
M. E. Kleineke -x
C. Lang
J. Lang
W. C. Marshall
J. McCoppin*
Alexandria. Miller
Miller, Augusta
J. L. Moore* CV
R. B. Moore*
R. B. Moore, Jr*
S. C. Moore
D. L. Moore
A. Murdock* CV
W. L. Parker
J. W. Payne
M. E. Payne*
A. B. Pearce
J. H.Pearce
L. Pearce
A. Peschke* CV
J. B. Phillips
A Rehner
L. Runge
H. R. Schultz -x
S. R. Schultz
G. Seeligson
K. Seeligson
S. B. Seeligson
C. W. Short* CV
B. Simon -x
M. Simon -x
W. Simon -x
Smith Infants
W. Stiernberg
W. L. Stiernberg
H. Steves
C. Taylor
G. E. Tays
M. P. Tays
D. F. Vance*
F. W. Weisenburg -x
C.R. Woodward -x
E. P. Woodward
P. Woodward
T. D. Woodward* CV
W. D. Woodward



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