A Few Treasures
From Indianola Past...


Glass Paperweight

H. Cortes, Galveston, TX

Umbrella Ink

Lady's Leg

While there are few indications of the old town still visible on the surface, treasures from the town still exist, some very fragile and beautiful. Bottles whose contents once quenched the thirst of locals, including dusty trail hands and sailors from near and abroad, are the most common items. Beer, wine, and whiskey bottles are common finds in dumps and privies. As well as ink wells.

Indianola was the central supply port for U.S. forces occupying the Indian Forts in western Texas. It was also occupied by the U.S. Army during the Civil War. And, it was the primary exit port for the U.S. soldiers leaving the Frontier Forts when events leading up to the Civil War began to unfold.

It was also a reentry point for thousands of U.S. troops shipped here from New Orleans from the battlefields in the east to begin their march to Victoria and San Antonio to be mustered out of the U.S. Army, and then begin a long trek home. They left behind scattered minie balls, buttons, buckles and breast plates as the only indication of a miltiary presence here.

But other objects still exist, too, that tell a different kind of story. Personal effects from the residents of Indianola such as porcelin dolls once held by children, marble doorknobs touched by countless hands, padlocks, ink wells, perfume from Paris, clay pipes, marbles, eating utensils, and medicine bottles are just a few of the items that have been found over the years...

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Lamp Chimney

Porcelin Dolls

Bottle Collection

Marble Door Knob

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