Part of the folklore of Indianola is that there is a steam driven locomotive located in Matagorda Bay about 1/4 mile offshore. How it got there has two stories: One is that it was fired up and ran off the wharf into the bay to keep the Yankees from taking it before they occupied Indianola the town. The other story is that it was sent out to the end of the wharf intending for its huge weight to hold down the structure to keep the waves from the approaching hurricane from washing out the pier legs.

But is there really a locomotive in the bay? Many people claim to have seen it lying on its side years ago at times of extreme low tide. Archaeologists with the Texas Historical Commission have dived on a shipwreck in the bay that they believe may be the wreck of the Perseverance - a ship owned by the Morgan Steamship Line that caught fire while docked and pushed away from the pier where it burned and sank in 1856. Read More...




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