Ed Bell... Beyond the Fishing Camp

(This is from a hand written record by Ed Bell describing his speaking engagements, and the books and tapes he helped to produce.


Tapes and Things

Carol, Mesno, Calif. Flight to Austin then ran to Bell Ranch. Tapes she made are now on permanent record - University of California Library.

Pat Jasper, Austin Tex.
Tapes of me, partly on ranch, some scenes at Indianola. Made T.V. show video - audio.

Tumble Weed Smith, Radio Big Spring Tex.
Has a string of Radio Stations where he uses my tapes.

The Spiders Webb
George E. Morency, Exec. Producer
The Spiders Webb, WGBH Radio

25 Western Ave.
Boston, Mass 02134
Broadcasts my tapes.

The Ladies hour, Station K.W.E.D. Seguin, Tex.

Certificate for volunteer services presented by the Govenors wife, Janey Briscoe, "
Mrs. Dolph Briscoe. Another by Chick Kazan, Rep. Laredo Tex.

Invitation to Washington D.C. as guest of Smithsonian Institute,
Bi-Centenial Honorary Mention. "My first story telling trip."

National Association for the Preservation and Perpetuation of Story Telling. Call it NAPPs.
Jonesborough, TN. One trip Oct 1976 another May 1978. My wife and I are both card bearing N.A.P.P.S. members

Books and More

"Earth Has No Sorrow." Ethnic book. Caldwell Co., Tex. Lockhart based.
Dee Azadian, Editor. I put in many hours. All State libraries book.

"Folk Narrative Research, A World Book." Helsinki, Finland. Stories in many languages.Mine only ones in English, entered by Pat Mullen.

"I Heard the Old Fisherman Say". Folklore of the Texas Gulf Coast. By Patrick B. Mullen. U.T. Press, Austin.

Southern Outdoors. "Our Part, Story Telling Sessions in Jonesborough, TN,"
by Tom Adkinson.

Southern Exposure. "Our Part: Texas Gulf Coast Fishing Lore,"
by Patrick Mullen.

"And Other Neighborly Names - Social Process and Cultural Images in Texas Folklore",

U. T. Press, Austin. Ed. by Richard Bauman & Roger D. Abrahams. Story by Pat Mullen; "A Traditional Storyteller in Changing Contexts."

Ed Bell Story Teller

Luncheon speaker, Kiwanis Club, Luling, Tex.

Session of Story Telling, East End Elementary, Gonzalez, Tex. to: Third grade to prepare (School) for Interscholastic League re: Story Telling.

Best Fest in the West, Abilene, Tex. Story teller, by invitation. Spring 1979.

Beaumont hHeritage Society. Summer 1979
Gladys City, Spindle Top: By invitation.

Ladies Home Demonstration Club, Luling, Tex. Luncheon, story teller.

Baptist Church, Harwood, Tex. Fellowship luncheon, story teller.

Texas Folklife Festival, SA. Tex.San Antonio, Tex. Four years, invited Summer 1982.
That will be 5 years.

 "The Hard Way", Part I

by Ed Bell